Engineers Without Borders Canada is a national organization with a strong student base. There are 40 chapters across the country that are made up of students and professionals to work against inequality around the world.

These leaders engage with EWB through our 40 Canadian chapters, Fellowship programs and ventures. Fostering local action through the chapter community is essential. Change begins on home soil.

Across Canada, chapter members take thoughtful, strategic actions to create profound social impact in universities, companies and communities. From grass-roots change to influencing governmental policy, chapters play a vital role in enacting change at all levels of the system.

The community makes contributions on a national and international scale: effecting consumer choices, evolving education curriculums, and influencing foreign policy.

Frequently asked questions

What does EWB stand for?

EWB stands for Engineers Without Borders but that does not mean you can’t join if you are not an engineer. We accept members from all disciplines. EWB began as a way to allow engineers to contribute more meaningfully to the world. The organization has evolved and recognized that true, systemic, change comes from co-creation, collaboration, and diversity. Therefore, you do not have to be an engineering student to be involved with EWB URegina

I really want to be involved, but I don’t have a lot of time to commit?

You can still help out with our various initiatives on campus by joining our general members’ mailing list. This way you’ll be informed of upcoming events so you can attend whichever works best with your schedule, or find out how you can help.

What makes EWB different from other NGOs?

We believe in long lasting, sustainable innovations to help the masses. For example, wells built by certain NGOs in Africa often carry a short lifespan due to improper education, misuse, and inability to repair the well. Whereas EWB’s role in Africa is to work with the local government and community to introduce systems to maintain these wells.

What does EWB do in Africa?

Click this link to find out more about our ventures in Africa: http://www.ewb.ca/africa/

What more can I do with EWB in Canada?

Click to find out more about our Canadian ventures: http://www.ewb.ca/canada/

Where can I find more information about EWB?

On the Engineers Without Borders national website site at www.ewb.ca

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